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Professional Laminate Floor Cleaning

Laminate flooring, a cost-effective and easy-to-install alternative to wood, is a popular choice for many. While daily cleaning is straightforward, deep cleaning these floors requires a careful approach. The wrong cleaning methods, particularly those involving too much water, can damage laminate, causing warping or bending that may lead to expensive replacements.

To ensure your laminate floors receive the proper care they need without any risk of damage, our professional cleaning service is your go-to solution. We use techniques and products specifically designed for laminate flooring, ensuring a thorough clean that preserves the quality and appearance of your floors.
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Did you know that we have been certified by Faber for “Innovative Systems for Hard Surface Restoration”. Faber is one of the top brands from Italy that specialise in hard surfaces around the world. Faber is used by prestigious buildings such as the Guinness Store House, The Shard in London, The Central Railway Station in Milan, The Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore, and many more.
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Why Professional Laminate Floor Cleaning Matters

Laminate floors, whilst durable, are not resistant to the wear and tear of daily life, especially in areas with high foot traffic. Dirt, grease, and spills can accumulate over time, making them tough to clean with standard mopping. On top of this, laminate floors are sensitive to moisture; excessive wet cleaning can cause warping or swelling. Professional cleaning is essential as it involves precise methods and suitable products that clean effectively without causing damage. Our experts are equipped with the knowledge and tools to maintain the integrity of your laminate floors, ensuring they remain beautiful and intact.
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Benefits of Professional Laminate Floor Cleaning

Opting for professional cleaning of your laminate floors not only maintains their appearance but also ensures their longevity. Our expert cleaning techniques safeguard your floors against moisture damage, which is crucial for keeping your laminate in top condition. Regular professional maintenance can substantially extend the lifespan of your floors. Beyond just cleanliness, our deep cleaning process also enhances the hygiene of your space by removing hidden allergens and bacteria. Additionally, our service does more than just clean; it revitalises and transforms your laminate floors, significantly improving the overall look and feel of your rooms.
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How To Book?

Booking is easy! Arrange a laminate floor clean by simply filling out our booking form or by calling us on 087 612 5946. We customise each job to your needs, ensuring your laminate floors get the best care at competitive rates.
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Domestic Laminate Floor Cleaning Tailored to Your Home

Our domestic laminate floor cleaning service caters to the unique needs of your home. We understand that each house is different, and so are its cleaning requirements. Using family and pet-friendly products, we tackle various stains, from coffee spills to pet accidents, ensuring a thorough clean. Our service not only restores the shine of your floors but also enhances the overall hygiene and comfort of your living space. Experience the difference in your home’s ambiance with our specialised cleaning, designed to make your laminate floors look and feel as good as new.
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Commercial Laminate Floor Cleaning for Your Business

Commercial spaces demand flooring that withstands heavy use. From constant foot traffic in restaurants and hotels to spills and stains in retail spaces, maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your laminate floors is paramount. Our commercial deep cleaning service revitalises your laminate flooring, effectively removing dirt, grime, and stains. We also offer regular maintenance cleaning to ensure your business’s floors always present the best image. Let us help you create an inviting atmosphere for your customers and employees with spotlessly clean laminate floors.
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