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Travertine Floor Cleaning Service

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Professional Travertine Floor Cleaning

Travertine, with its natural elegance and array of tones, is a popular choice for flooring. However, its beauty demands careful upkeep to avoid scratches, damage, and discolouration.

Given its porous nature, travertine is particularly susceptible to stains and scratches, requiring routine cleaning and careful maintenance. Regular professional cleaning, polishing, and sealing – ideally every 1 to 3 years – are key to preserving its allure and extending its lifespan. Let us help you maintain the natural grace of your travertine floors.

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Did you know that we have been certified by Faber for “Innovative Systems for Hard Surface Restoration”. Faber is one of the top brands from Italy that specialise in hard surfaces around the world. Faber is used by prestigious buildings such as the Guinness Store House, The Shard in London, The Central Railway Station in Milan, The Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore, and many more.
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freshly cleaned travertine tiles in house living room

Why Deep Clean Your Travertine Floors?

Travertine, while durable, can harbour dirt and grime, risking damage to its surface. Deep cleaning not only removes this build-up but also addresses the stone’s porosity, which makes it prone to absorbing liquids and stains.

A thorough clean includes applying a sealant, reducing the risk of staining and enhancing the overall healthiness of your environment. Regular deep cleaning ensures your travertine floors remain beautiful and hygienic for years to come.
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How Often Should Travertine Be Cleaned?

For maintaining the structural integrity and visual appeal of travertine, we recommend professional cleaning and sealing every 1 to 3 years to preserve the stone’s quality and appearance.

In high-traffic areas or spaces prone to frequent spills and stains, like kitchen countertops or busy hallways, an annual professional cleaning is essential. Our scheduled cleaning services offer a proactive approach to travertine care, ensuring your floors and surfaces continue to radiate elegance and withstand daily use with resilience.

How To Book?

Booking is simple! Arrange a travertine floor clean, seal, and polish by completing our booking form or by calling us on 087 612 5946

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Our Travertine Floor Cleaning Process

Our process begins with a detailed inspection of your travertine flooring. We then hone the surface, a gentle abrasive technique that removes ingrained dirt and smooths out scratches. After honing (refining the marble using light abrasives), we perform a wet extraction, followed by sealing and polishing. 

This not only protects your travertine but also brings back its natural shine, leaving your floors looking as good as new.
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Domestic and Commercial Travertine Floor Care

Our expertise in travertine cleaning spans both domestic and commercial settings. We handle various travertine surfaces, from kitchen and bathroom floors to office spaces and upscale atriums. Whether for home or business, our service ensures your travertine surfaces are impeccably cleaned, sealed, and polished. 

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