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Hard Floor Cleaning Service

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Enhance Your Commercial & Domestic Hard Floors

Dull floors losing their lustre and tarnishing your space? We offer customised cleaning solutions and specialised treatments for a variety of hard floors, restoring them back to their original beauty.

Simply reach out to book a consultation.

We'll assess your specific hard flooring to tailor a cleaning regimen that rejuvenates, cleans, and sanitises any hard floor surface.

Which Types of Hard Floors Do We Clean?

Marble, terracotta, safety floors – you name it, we bring expert care to every surface.
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Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Experience the transformation with our specialised ceramic tile and grout cleaning services, perfect for revitalising any ceramic floor.
More About Ceramic Tile Cleaning
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Concrete Floor Cleaning

Extend the life and enhance the appearance of your concrete floors with our regular, professional cleaning services.
More About Concrete Cleaning
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Laminate Floors

Trust us to clean your laminate floors with precision, ensuring no risk of damage while restoring their original look.
More About Laminate Cleaning
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Linoleum Floors

Don't let high-traffic areas diminish your linoleum floors. Our targeted cleaning methods restore and maintain their original lustre.
More About Linoleum Cleaning
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Marble Floors

Rediscover the natural shine of your marble floors with our comprehensive cleaning, sealing, and polishing services.
More About Marble Cleaning
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Safety/Anti-Slip Floors

Maintain peak performance and safety standards with our meticulous cleaning services tailored for anti-slip floors.
More About Safety Floor Cleaning
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Terracotta Floors

Say goodbye to faded, stained, and dirty terracotta tiles. Our cleaning services are specifically designed to revitalise terracotta floors.
More About Terracotta Cleaning
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Tile & Grout

We handle a variety of tile materials and grout colours, effectively transforming dull and grimy tile floors into vibrant surfaces.
More About Tile & Grout Cleaning
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Preserve the unique elegance of your travertine floors with our regular maintenance services, designed to prevent scratches and discolouration.
More About Travertine Cleaning
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Wooden Floors

Bring back the authentic beauty and warmth of your wooden floors with our deep cleaning services.
More About Wooden Floor Cleaning
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We're Faber Certified!

Did you know that we have been certified by Faber for “Innovative Systems for Hard Surface Restoration”. Faber is one of the top brands from Italy that specialise in hard surfaces around the world. Faber is used by prestigious buildings such as the Guinness Store House, The Shard in London, The Central Railway Station in Milan, The Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore, and many more.
VOC Free
Water Repellent
Stain Resistant
Deep Penetration Levels
Safety on Food Surfaces

Why Choose Us?

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Over a Decade of Experience

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Non-Toxic Solutions

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Commercial Hard Floor Solutions

From offices and schools to bars and medical practices, we offer bespoke hard floor cleaning services tailored to various commercial settings. Understanding the need for minimal disruption, we provide flexible scheduling options, even cleaning during off-peak hours if that suits you better. Whether it's wood, tile, travertine, or other specialised flooring, we've got the expertise to rejuvenate and sanitise your commercial spaces.
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Residential Hard Floor Care

Your home's hard floors deserve the same level of attention and care as those in commercial settings. Opt for a one-off cleaning session or sign up for our regular maintenance plans to keep your floors in pristine condition year-round. Utilising top-of-the-line, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we ensure a safe and hygienic environment for you, your loved ones, and your pets. Reach out to learn how we can breathe new life into your residential floors.
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