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Marble Floor Cleaning Service

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Professional Marble Floor Cleaning

There's no doubt that marble floors are a beautiful sight for any room. The variety of natural tones, the shine, and overall appearance is highly sort after – especially in the upmarket sector.

The problem is that marble floors need to be cared for properly for them to remain shiny and to prevent stains and marring. But how often should they be cleaned?

We recommend that your marble floors get a professional clean and polish at least once every one to three years. This will help with the longevity and the polishing will help get rid of any unsightly scratches, restoring it to its original beauty.

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Why Deep Clean Your Marble Floors?

Marble floors require regular cleans, sealing, and polishing. Marble is an extremely strong substance, but the problem is that it is porous one which means it will stain easily if not sealed properly. It is also prone to etching - especially from acidic based liquids like orange and lemon juice, and vinegar.

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule helps prolong the life and look of a marble floor, and ensures it is as resistant as possible to stains, etches, and scratches.
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How Often Should Marble Be Cleaned?

How often you clean, seal, and polish your marble floors depends largely on the area it is located. Marble floors in bathrooms or kitchens, or high traffic areas prone to mess, should be professionally cleaned and sealed every six months to one year.

Floors in areas that are less susceptible to stains and mess, or have low traffic, can be cleaned and sealed once every one to three years. Maintaining a proper cleaning schedule will help protect your marble floors and extend its life span.

How To Book?

Booking is easy! You can arrange a marble floor clean, seal, and polish by completing our booking form or by phone on 087 612 5946. All of our cleaning jobs are customised according to your needs, we will survey the job at hand and provide you with competitive rates.
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Our Marble Floor Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process involves a thorough inspection of the floor surface, followed by honing whereby we use a gentle abrasive action to remove and smooth out ingrained soil and scratches. We then proceed to wet extract the mess and apply a sealant that will help protect your marble floor from stains, scratches and etches.

The final step really brings out the lustre. In this step we apply a special polish and buff it out to produce a magnificent shine. Contact us to find out more about our process.
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Domestic and Commercial Marble Floors

Being professionally trained and upskilled in the art of marble floor cleaning means we can work with a range of marble floors and surfaces across both the domestic and commercial sectors.

We specialise in cleaning a range of marble floors whether they are in your kitchen or bathroom, or in an office or an upmarket atrium. 

Contact us to find out more about our domestic and commercial marble floor cleaning service.
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