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Linoleum Floor Cleaning Service

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Professional Linoleum Floor Cleaning

A staple in homes and businesses since the mid-20th century, lino (linoleum) floors are a practical and cost-effective flooring choice.

While known for their durability, especially in high-use areas like kitchens and bathrooms, they can lose their sheen over time.

Discover how our professional cleaning service can breathe new life into your lino floors, restoring their original charm.

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We're Faber Certified!

Did you know that we have been certified by Faber for “Innovative Systems for Hard Surface Restoration”. Faber is one of the top brands from Italy that specialise in hard surfaces around the world. Faber is used by prestigious buildings such as the Guinness Store House, The Shard in London, The Central Railway Station in Milan, The Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore, and many more.
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Why Deep Clean Your Linoleum Floors?

Everyday use and spills can make even the most durable linoleum floors lose their lustre. Although they’re relatively easy to maintain, over time, they can become dull and stained.

Our expert deep cleaning service breathes new life into your linoleum floors. We tackle all sorts of challenges – from daily dirt accumulation to stubborn stains, enhancing not only their look but also the hygiene of your space. Trust us to restore the original shine and cleanliness of your linoleum floors.

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How Often Should Linoleum Floors Be Cleaned?

Regular vacuuming and mopping are great for day-to-day maintenance of linoleum floors, but professional deep cleaning is key for long-term care.

In homes, we recommend a deep clean every one to two years. For high-traffic commercial spaces, such as restaurant kitchens and public restrooms, a more frequent schedule every six months to a year is ideal to keep them looking and feeling clean.

Our scheduled maintenance plans are designed to ensure your linoleum floors are always in top condition, offering you peace of mind and a pristine environment.
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How To Book?

Booking is easy! Arrange a linoleum floor clean simply by filling out our booking form or by calling us directly on 087 612 5946

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Our Efficient Linoleum Floor Cleaning Process

Cleaning linoleum floors requires skill and the right approach, and that’s exactly what we provide.

Our process starts with a thorough inspection to identify specific cleaning needs. We then proceed to remove dry dirt, setting the stage for the main cleaning. Using specially formulated solutions and advanced equipment, we perform a deep yet gentle wet cleaning, ensuring every inch of your linoleum floor is meticulously cleaned. This method not only cleans but also preserves the quality of your floors, leaving them spotless and refreshed.
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Cleaning for Every Type of Linoleum Floor

Whether it’s the kitchen in your home or the bathroom in a commercial space, linoleum floors are a popular choice for many.

Our cleaning services are versatile, designed to suit both domestic and commercial needs. We understand that each setting requires a different approach, and our tailored solutions ensure your linoleum floors are not only clean but also contribute to a healthier and more appealing environment. Let us take the hassle out of keeping your floors in excellent condition, no matter where they are.
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