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Terracotta Floor Cleaning Service

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Professional Terracotta Floor Cleaning

Terracotta tiles aren’t just flooring; they’re a piece of history under your feet. Originating as one of the earliest forms of ceramic tiling, ‘terracotta’ – meaning ‘baked earth’ in Italian – has been a hallmark of fine craftsmanship for centuries.

These tiles, with their rich iron content and vibrant red hue, add warmth and character to any setting. However, their beauty comes with a vulnerability to moisture and stains due to their porous nature.

Are your terracotta floors in need of expert care to reclaim their original splendour and charm?

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Did you know that we have been certified by Faber for “Innovative Systems for Hard Surface Restoration”. Faber is one of the top brands from Italy that specialise in hard surfaces around the world. Faber is used by prestigious buildings such as the Guinness Store House, The Shard in London, The Central Railway Station in Milan, The Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore, and many more.
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Our Terracotta Tile Cleaning Service

If your terracotta tiles have lost their warm lustre, our cleaning service can bring them back to their previous glory. With extensive experience in hard floor care, we use top-grade equipment and solutions to revive your terracotta’s vibrancy.

Our process includes a detailed inspection to identify problem areas, followed by a comprehensive clean, polish, and application of sealant. This sealant is crucial for safeguarding your floor against future wear and enhancing its natural beauty.
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Benefits of Terracotta Floor Cleaning

Besides the clear advantage of a sparkling terracotta floor, professional cleaning offers other benefits, such as:
  • Preventing build-up of dirt and grime.
  • Dramatically transforming the room’s atmosphere.
  • Enhancing hygiene, crucial for a healthy living environment.
  • Reducing the risk of mould development.
  • Extending the tile’s lifespan and preserving its appearance.
  • Providing a protective barrier against stains.

How To Book?

Booking is easy! To schedule your terracotta floor cleaning, simply fill out our form or call us on 087 612 5946

We assess each job individually and offer you a personalised quote to suit your specific requirements.
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Domestic Terracotta Tile Cleaning

Bring a new lease of life to your home’s terracotta tiles with our expert cleaning service. Terracotta, known for its warm, earthy charm, can lose its appeal over time due to dirt accumulation and allergen build-up. Our specialised cleaning process not only tackles and removes these stubborn elements but also revitalises the natural texture and colour of your tiles.

Available for both one-off deep cleans and regular maintenance schedules, our service ensures your home’s terracotta flooring remains a point of pride and beauty. Serving the Dublin, Kildare, and Meath regions, we’re committed to keeping your terracotta tiles looking as inviting and elegant as the day they were laid.
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Commercial Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Elevate the aesthetic of your commercial space with our professional terracotta cleaning service. In business settings like restaurants, offices, and retail spaces, terracotta flooring can undergo considerable wear and tear. Our thorough cleaning not only removes deep-seated dirt and contaminants but also restores the tile’s natural lustre, enhancing the overall look and feel of your premises.

A clean and well-maintained floor contributes significantly to a welcoming and healthy environment, reflecting positively on your business. Partner with us for regular, detailed cleaning that ensures your commercial terracotta floors remain a standout feature, adding both charm and functionality to your space.
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